$8.5 billion Vegas resort bringing green features to the desert

One of the largest construction sites on the planet (short of some stuff going on in Dubai) is taking shape in Las Vegas.

The $8.5 billion City Center complex is big – really big. Even on a Vegas scale, the project is mind blowing. Three new towers, a brand new casino with over four thousand rooms, and a half-a-million square foot retail development, all on a 67 acre site.

From the ground up, the development is one of the most sustainable ever built on the strip.

Everything from construction waste to worker education has been incorporated in the plans.

The development even includes new technology like slot machines that house AC units and the first all natural gas powered limo fleet.

In its construction, the developers were even able to recycle over 80% of the waste generated by the implosion of the Boardwalk hotel.

The first part of the development will be opening later this year, hopefully just in time for Christmas.