Gadlinks for Tuesday 8.11.09

Welcome back to another Tuesday of Gadlinks. How does it work? We scour the best of the travel web and pick our favorite links of the day, summarizing them all in one convenient post. It’s like a big “travel smoothie” of goodness, except we don’t add any antioxidants. OK, ready to see this Tuesday’s picks? Keep reading below:

  • Snorkeling takes you to another world. Simply strap on a mask and some fins and you’re instantly transported to a world of brightly colored fish and other strange denizens of the deep. Here’s a list of the Top 10 spots to snorkel to make sure you get your money’s worth. [Via CNN]
  • Grant recently brought us an in-depth look at the Western African capital of Dakar, Senegal. He’s not the only one checking out West Africa lately – check out this writeup on African tourist hotspot Ghana. [Via The New York Times]
  • Jonesing for the great outdoors? You might consider upstate New York, where Adirondack Park offers visitors plentiful hiking and some icy cold mountain lakes where you can cool off afterwards. [Via MSNBC]
  • This past week we learned of the passing of legendary filmmaker John Hughes, a man who captured the essence of 80’s surburban youth and Chicago like no other. Here’s a nice tribute to the much-loved director. What’s your favorite John Hughes movie moment? [Via Intelligent Travel]

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