New cross-country driving hazard: fish

Breaking news from Ohio — a fish has shattered a windshield. WTF?

No, it was not a flying fish, or a fish in a bucket in the passenger seat making a jump for it (which is the unlikely scenario I first imagined), this fish was dropped by a careless eagle. It could have happened to anyone. It happened to a Cleveland suburbanite vacationing in Marblehead, Ohio.

According to’s blog, “Authorities in northwest Ohio say a Lake Erie freshwater drum, known as a sheepshead, smashed a car windshield Tuesday when an eagle dropped the fish from a height of about 40 feet.”

That is one outlandishly unlucky incident, and we think it must be good luck in some culture, like a bird pooping on you in Italy.

For those of you who were slightly nervous that a rock might pop up out of nowhere and crack your windshield, welcome to a new level of fear.