Woman tries to shoot down plane for being too noisy

Every now and then you come across a story that can be filed under “you can’t make this stuff up”. Such is the story of 69 year old Judy Davis from Fulton, MO.

Apparently, ultralight planes had been doing practice runs all afternoon, and some of them had been flying pretty close to her house. Normally, when someone encounters aviation noise annoyance, they contact the airport, their local authorities, or the FAA.

Sadly, Mrs. Davis decided to skip all of that, and took matters into her own hands. With a gun in her pocket, she walked into the terminal building, announced that she was going to shoot down a plane, then waltzed right onto the runway and did just that.

Even though it wasn’t clear whether she actually hit the ground, or a plane, a pilot coming in for a landing aborted his attempt while authorities “intercepted her”.

The most surprising part of the story, is that the local police let her go on a $4,500 bond, once again proving that airport security is one big puppet show. While you and I were being searched for bottles of water, a 69 year old lady could walk right onto the runway of a municipal airport and shoot at landing aircraft.