Ski season officially begins today!

The Loveland Ski Area in Colorado officially opens its slopes today, marking the start of the ski season in North America. The resort will open its doors at 9 AM local time, greeting the first eager ski bums and bunnies of the year with 18 inches of fresh powder.

For Loveland, which sits 50 miles west of Denver, this will be the earliest opening day in 40 years. With 160 acres of groomed slopes, and the longest run reaching two miles in length, there is plenty to offer for the beginner and experienced skier alike. And while that 18 inches of snow may sound good for now, it is nothing compared to what will come in the weeks ahead. Loveland averages 400 inches of snowfall a year, ensuring a great season ahead.

Loveland won’t have all of the ski business to itself for long however. Rival resort Arapahoe Basin plans to open on Friday, which will be it’s earliest opening day ever, and the Boreal Ski Area in California will start allowing runs on Saturday as well.

With these ski resorts opening earlier than ever, one has to wonder what happened to global warming? Where I live in Texas we’re still having 90º days, and hard to think about skiing that doesn’t involve being pulled behind a boat. I’m a little envious of the skiers and snowboarders who are going to hit the slopes in the next few days. Anyone know of any cheap airfares to Colorado?