For men still scared of girls – we present the “Männermobil” RV

If you don’t like traveling with your wife, or you just think girls will give you cooties, check out the Männermobil RV.

This “boys only” mobile home has absolutely nothing that appeals to (most) women. Inside the “mobil”, you’ll find a Wii, Playstation 3, 2 flat panel TV’s, 2 different surround sound systems, a man-friendly kitchen with a microwave, coffee maker and various liquor dispensers.

More entertainment comes from satellite TV, Internet access and a Blu-ray player. There is a shower, but it doesn’t work. A sign on the mirror reminds men that “real men shower outdoors”. The actual shower is outside, on the rear of the RV.

Outside is also where you’ll find a grill, fold-out foosball table and dart board. On the roof is a Biergarten for those rare events when you actually find a women willing to get close to your scary male habitat on wheels.

No price was revealed, but if you think you need one of these, I doubt price is much of an issue, plus you’ll need to have it shipped from Germany.