Win up to $10,000 worth of travel from Lonely Planet and STA Travel

Where would you go with $10,000? Morocco? Bora Bora? Australia? If you win Lonely Planet’s new contest, it’s a question you may have the chance to answer. One lucky winner will receive a $9000 STA Travel voucher, plus $1000 spending money that can be used to take the trip of his or her dreams.

To enter, just go to the contest webpage and send an email, explaining in 20 words or less, what you’d like to see in the next Lonely Planet email. Invite three friends to do the same and you might end up with the grand prize.

The contest ends January 13 and winners will be decided the next day. One judge will narrow down the entries to 20, and another will select the final winner based on creativity of the response. The winner will get a $9000 voucher that can be used on any STA products or services, plus an extra $1000 in spending money if her or she referred three friends at the time of entry. The voucher is valid for one year and can be used to book flights, tours, rail passes and travel insurance.

10 runners-up will receive iPods or a collection of Lonely Planet books.