Free airport WiFi this holiday season – courtesy of Google

Starting November 10, 2009 , and ending January 15, 2010, Google is giving holiday travelers free WiFi access at 45 airports.

The list includes major airports like Las Vegas, Seattle, Boston and Orlando, but sadly does not include some of the largest in the country, like Chicago, New York or Atlanta.

Still, saving $10 on airport WiFi is a jolly nice gesture, and one that is greatly appreciated. Google has added a charity aspect to the promotion, by asking WiFi users to donate to one of three specially selected charities.

This is the second WiFi promotion Google is offering this season – previously, they announced that they would pay for your WiFi access on board Virgin America flights.

To get your free airport access, you don’t need to do anything special – just turn on your device, connect to the airport network and follow the instructions. No credit card will be required.

To learn more about the free in-flight or airport WiFi promotion, head on over to the Google “Freeholidaywifi” site.