Step Back from the Baggage Claim: Good airport behavior could change the world

Back in April, Gadling reviewed Step Back from the Baggage Claim, a book Jason Barger wrote about human behavior based on a seven- day trip he took to seven airports without leaving any of them.

For the entire week he observed how people conduct themselves in airports and on planes–places he sees as metaphors for life.

This video, just released yesterday, encapsulates what Barger was looking for when he went airport hopping and what he hopes might occur because of his experiences and the book he wrote as a result of them.

Yes, dear Gadling readers, according to Barger, if we learn to behave at the airport, we might change the world.

Along with Barger’s message, this video captures airport bustle and interactions in a nutshell.

Stay tuned tomorrow for an interview with Barger. All airports are not created equal.