Two oddball tips for making a long-haul flight more comfortable

I’m schooled in squirming and shifting, shoving my toes in-between the seats in front of me, and generally attempting insane yoga positions in order to get some shut-eye on an overseas flight. As such, I’ve discovered two techniques that have helped ease my international plane travel pain.

1. Use a water bottle as a foot rest. I know it sounds strange, but it really works! A 2-liter bottle gives your feet some elevation and is easy to maneuver, but even the smallest 16-oz bottle will massage your feet and offer some comfort. I discovered this technique by accident on a flight that didn’t have footrests.

2. Stick a pillow under your chin when you sleep. Yes, it is odd, but I’m a stereotypical head loll-er, and my neck is too tight to do the sideways thing. I stuff a pillow under my chin (occasionally folding it in half), and my head and neck get great support while allowing me to breathe comfortably. Plus, it keeps my mouth from flopping open. Try it!

On a side note, I recommend you try to get two pillows, if possible. One goes against your lower back; I always have a pillow there. If I can only score one pillow, I stuff a sweatshirt under my chin.

Happy travels.