Enter to win Sosauce’s “Decorate Our New Digs” postcard contest!

, a self-proclaimed “travel geek blog,” is looking for the most unique, engaging, and breathtaking postcards that celebrate the saucy side of travel. If you have a favorite travel photo, turn it into a postcard and help them decorate their boring white walls and turn the office into a travel haven.
The contest involves mailing a postcard that features your favorite photo. Sosauce will show it off – not only in the office – but all over the web too. Special prizes are waiting for the most unique, engaging, and breathtaking photos of people, architecture,and landscapes.

Anyone can enter! You can submit a postcard for any, or all, of the following categories:

  • People such as locals, workers, natives, portraits
  • Architecture such as historic buildings, monuments, museums
  • Landscapes such as scenery, mountains, nature, the outdoors

The winning prizes for each postcard category include all of this:

  • $50 gift certificate to a restaurant of YOUR CHOICE
  • $20 gift certificate to the Sosauce Store or a FREE Premium Account
  • Editorial bio-pic in the New Faces of Sosauce blog series
  • Online promotional campaign c/o Sosauce
  • YOU as the Featured Photographer of the Day on Sosauce

Each photo will be judged by the Sosauce team in New York City according to best combination of photo composition and creative sense of place. All you have to do is hop on over to Sosauce for to enter. The steps are a little involved, but you get a few cool freebies for going the extra mile.

Instructions after the break.

1. Join Sosauce if you haven’t already
2. Choose a photo from your Sosauce albums to submit for any, or all, of the postcard categories (people, architecture, landscapes)
3. Turn your travel photo into a postcard using the Sosauce Store (Be sure to read the Sosauce User Guide for additional help and instructions with this)
4. Have the Sosauce Store send your postcard to YOU first, then fill out the following on the back of your postcard:

  • Location the photo was taken (destination, city, country)
  • Date the photo was taken (guesstimates allowed)
  • Category you’re submitting for (people, archicture, landscapes)
  • An interesting fact about the photo (i.e. something that is unknown to most tourists regarding that destination)

5. Mail your completed postcard with your full name to the Sosauce office: 151 Lafayette St. Suite 4R New York, NY 10013
6. Enter up to 3 postcards, limit 1 per category.

After going through all that trouble, Sosauce will mail you some saucy stuff as a thank you for entering the contest:

  • 25 FREE hi-res photo prints from the Sosauce Store
  • A Sosauce bottle opener
  • A Sosauce Chili sticker