Keep up on Thanksgiving airport traffic with Travelocity’s Task Force

Nobody is looking forward to venturing into battle tomorrow. Wednesday is the year’s biggest travel day, a congested, high stress day when airports are packed, tempers are high and any small hiccup can make an entire airport turn upside down.

We all have to get home somehow though, and the harsh reality facing many of us is that the airport needs to be handled (my flight to London leaves from O’hare at 5PM).

Luckily, Travelocity already has street teams organized to help us manage the battle. This year, while they continue to quarterback part of the effort from their affable Window Seat Blog they’re also mobilizing the Twitter army to keep an eye on specific airports across the country. Each specific feed will dispatch updates from airport including delays, parking, security lines and general mayhem that’s going on around the terminal. It’s a great way to glean some insight into what to expect when you arrive — or watch the disaster from the comfort of your own home.

Each feed can be found on the Thanksgiving Task Force subpage. Tune in now and get your fighting pants ready for Wednesday — it’s going to be a big weekend.