Disneyland hotel workers stage walkout

Seems there’s a little tension the land of make believe…

While guests escape to Neverland, hotel staffers are escaping into the great outdoors in Disneyland.

Nearly 200 workers from the Disneyland Hotel and the Paradise Pier Hotel in Anaheim, Calif., staged a walkout on Friday to protest unfair working conditions. The housekeeping staff claims the room renovations, made earlier this year, made it more difficult to clean the rooms.

The Disneyland Hotel has 969 rooms and the Paradise Pier Hotel has 468 rooms – both hotels are located in the Downtown Disney District and include everything from pools to playgrounds.

But the fun doesn’t stop there…

Last Sunday 75 workers walked out of their jobs claiming unfair workloads forcing other members of Disney staff to fill in. The Sunday walkout ended peacefully with all staffers going back to the jobs.