ESPN reporter Erin Andrews makes push for stronger hotel safety laws

After ESPN reporter Erin Andrews hears her stalker Michael David Barrett plead guilty in federal court for stalking her in hotels, she plans to plead to hotels to implement stronger safety laws.

The Andrews case made headlines earlier this year when it was reported that she was stalked and filmed nude in the hotels she stayed in for her job. Now, Andrews plans to take her fight one step further and advocate for safer security measures in all hotels that would protect the traveling public. According to an interview with Andrews’ lawyer Marshall Grossman of Bingham, McCutchen and USA Today’s Barbara De Lollis, Andrews plans to petition hotels for safety improvements including:

  • Hallway cameras on every floor
  • Improved employee training. According to previous reports, Barrett was able to access Andrews in hotels because reservations agents would reveal her room number and assign Barrett the room next door.
  • Understanding ‘red flags’ when it comes to potential stalking situations or safety violations.
  • Seek guest consent before assigning adjacent rooms.
  • Improved peepholes; peepholes that are likely more expensive, but cover the hole inside the guestroom.

[via USA Today]