View the beauty of Prague — through the largest panorama photo in the world

What happens when you set up a digital camera on top of the Prague TV tower, and let it snap away for a couple of hours? Well, you end up with a 360 degree panoramic shot of the city, measuring 192,000 x 96,000 pixels, for a total of 18 gigapixels.

The image is currently the largest panoramic city shot in the world, and it is hosted by You can rotate the image, and zoom in on any portion. You’ll be amazed just how far you can zoom in without losing photo quality.

If you want to know what/where you are looking at in the panorama, just click the “show map” tab on the left side. It’ll pull up a Google map of the area. The real fun part is wasting your day, trying to find weird and wacky stuff going on.