Graceland to get a makeover

In need of a little pick-me-up, Heartbreak Hotel is undergoing a makeover to help revive its natural beauty. The owners of Graceland the Heartbreak Hotel are putting together redevelopment plans for the famous hotel and Elvis’ home.

The owners are no strangers to makeovers. Robert Sillerman, the owner of the “American Idol” franchise, also owns CKX Inc., the company that bought controlling interest of Elvis Presley Enterprises in 2004. According to an interview with Memphis’ The Commercial Appeal, Sillerman is ready to revive the Memphis hotspot for the millions of visitors that grace Graceland each year.

These redevelopments have been in discussion for years – a $250 million proposed plan would include a demolition of the visitors center and a revitalization of the hotel, which would include larger and upgraded facilities.

“Heartbreak Hotel, despite the fact it was built as anything but a luxury hotel, maintains the highest occupancy of any hotel in the state of Tennessee,” Sillerman said in an interview. “What we’re talking about is an extension of something that has proven to be successful that will be undertaken by the type of experts who can fulfill the vision.”

The redevelopment discussions start in a few weeks when Sillerman and his planning committee arrive in Memphis to plan phase one of the facelift. Within 90 to 120 days after the planning session, “we’ll have a very specific idea of what it is we’d like to do,” Sillerman said.

We’ll have to wait a few more months to see what redevelopment decisions the owners of the famous Memphis mecca decide on but in the meantime, here’s hoping the soul of Graceland remains perfectly in tact.

[via The Commercial Appeal]