Breaking: Mystery canine finding at MSP calls for bomb squad and police *Updated*

A bomb-sniffing dog has found something at MSP, and everyone is scrambling to find out what.

An inbound flight at 2 p.m. today unloaded a bag in which canine sniffers took a particular interest, and the Bloomington bomb squad arrived around 2:10, according to The Star Tribune. As of now, parts of the Lindbergh terminal have been evacuated. Baggage claim areas including carousel 12 are closed, so if you’re picking someone up, prepare to wait. KARE 11 reports that “All roads to the ticketing levels have been also been closed.”

The Humphrey terminal (HHH) has not been affected. Passengers on Lindbergh flights, while the airport is still operational, should expect delays and possible cancellations.

***UPDATE*** The Star Tribune reports that the bag was a false alarm; “no dangerous materials were found.” Click here for some shots of caution tape and empty terminal areas, and soon, crowds. Passengers should still expect delays.

Theories? Possible culprits include: ham sandwich, summer sausage and excessive cat hair.