World’s highest ‘Skyjump’ to open at Stratosphere Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

Leave it to Las Vegas to find a way for people to plummet to the ground from nearly 1000-feet up in the air.

Not one to stand in the shadows, Las Vegas is vying for the spotlight and going head-to-head with the Burj Dubai. The Burj Dubai might be the tallest building in the world, but Vegas will soon hold the title for the world’s highest “skyjump.” Resort officials at the Stratosphere Las Vegas Hotel & Casino announced they will be adding the newest thrill ride to their 1,149-foot tower: a “controlled” SkyJump Las Vegas.

The concept is pretty much exactly how it sounds: You stand at the top of tower and jump into the sky. Unless you have a pair of wings, you’ll fall at speeds of 40 mph toward the ground.

But if you think it’s as simple as taking an elevator ride to the top and hurling yourself off a tower, think again.

Each rider will be required to watch a safety video before being strapped into a custom jumpsuit and hooked up to wires that keep the fall on course. As you near the concrete surface along the Las Vegas strip, guide wires will slow jumpers down to controlled and safe landing, according to the Stratosphere.

The Skyjump will open in April and the entire experience is expected to take about 30 minutes per rider.

While the adrenaline junkies suit-up for the 855-foot fall, Vegas visitors with less need for speed can hang at the mini-amusement park on top of the tower, which includes the Big Shot, Insanity and the X-Scream.