Hot Vegas travel deal – 4 nights + flight from $104

Yes – Vegas may appear to be bouncing back from its biggest drop in visitors ever – but they are still hurting. How badly? How does a $104 4 night trip sound?

Packages are being offered through Travelzoo on US Airways Vacations and the $104 rate is for flights out of LA, Phoenix and San Francisco. Prices go up a bit from other places, but even $240 from Boston is a really good bargain.

OK – so at the lowest rate, you will be staying at the Imperial Palace, but at least it is on the strip, and right across from the good hotels and restaurants.

Rates are valid from February 1st till June 30th. Obviously, you’ll be paying a bit of tax but at the end of the booking process, but you’ll be looking at just $280 all-in for TWO adults from LAX, PHX or SFO, with four nights in a hotel.

You really can’t get any cheaper than that (unless you dare take a bus). Head on over to the Travelzoo deal page, and follow their instructions on how to book this deal.