A new day, a new airport incident — JFK Terminal 8 being evacuated

This story is still developing, but terminal 8 at JFK is being evacuated. The terminal is home to American Airlines, and the reason is the same as what shut down Newark two weeks ago – a “security breach”.

As of right now, all passengers are being told to leave the building, and will need to wait outside while the TSA and PANYNJ search the facility. After that, all passengers will need to be rescreened.

As of right now, aa.com shows flight delays of up to two hours, but this could obviously become longer once the security lines start to back up.

We’ll bring you more information about the terminal evacuation, and the reason behind it as soon as we can.

UPDATE: Passengers are reporting that Terminal 8 is the only building impacted, all other JFK terminals are currently unaffected.

UPDATE 2: According to the AP, a man left the American Airlines Admirals Club through an airport employee door. It was not clear whether this door let him onto the tarmac, or back into the landside portion of JFK. Either way – it was enough of a breach to cause the evacuation.