NASA red-faced after Space Shuttle hangar cocaine find

Finding contraband is usually reserved for the airport, but this week, NASA is dealing with its own aviation incident. NASA officials are scrambling to discover the source of a small bag of cocaine found in a Space Shuttle hangar.

The bag was found by one of the 200 people holding a permit to be inside the area, which obviously narrows down the number of people on the list of suspects.

The find is especially embarrassing because the hangar is on the base where a Shuttle launch is scheduled for next month. Obviously, the idea of cocaine making its way into orbit is rather frightening, as is the idea that someone with Shuttle access credentials may be a cocaine user.

The Kennedy Space Center has a zero tolerance policy on drugs, and officials have started drug tests on its workers, and drug sniffing dogs are searching the area for more clues.%Gallery-76818%