Europe hotel rates down 12%

Paris in the springtime? Beach time in Barcelona? These trips might not be as expensive as you think. According to a new report from hotel price comparison site trivago, Europe hotel prices are 12 percent less than in January 2009. Read: get your passports and hop across the pond!

Among the findings:

  • Dublin, Ireland: The average price of a standard double room is 84 pounds (approximately $136) in January 2010, 42 percent less than last year.
  • United Kingdom: Average hotel prices are 91 pounds (approximately $148), two percent less than the previous month.
  • Wales: The UK city offers the cheapest hotel rates at 78 pounds (approximately $127), followed by Northern Ireland (85 pounds) and Scotland (87 pounds).
  • Milan: The current price for a standard double room is 105 pounds (approximately $170), 15 percent less than last year.
  • Barcelona: Low hotel rates average around 81 pounds (approximately $132), 20 percent less than January 2009
  • Lisbon: Hotel rates are down 18 percent from last year, around 72 pounds (approximately $117) for a standard room.
  • Vienna: A standard room rate is around 89 pounds (approximately $145), 11 percent below the average room rate last year.