Choose a themed cruise – Cruise tip

Large and small cruise companies alike have come to realize that creating opportunities for like-minded individuals to come together on a cruise is a really good thing. Thus, the “themed cruise” was born.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to themed cruises; if you can imagine it, it probably already exists. Movie fans can dress like their favorite characters; Harley Davidson aficionados can bring their bikes; scrapbookers have cruises of their own; and golfers have a range (no pun intended) of cruises to choose from, as well.

In the world of theme cruises, the most popular seem to be music-themed cruises. And, in the classification of music, the theme cruises offered are inclusive of all genres ranging from country and western, to classical — even hard rock!

Remember: if one of your traveling group happens to love only classic rock and roll, they will be miserable on a ship full of several thousand crazy jazz aficionados. So be sure all members of your group are “on board” with the chosen theme.