NYC Hotel introduces guests to life on Lexington Ave.

If living the life of a Park Avenue socialite intrigues you, one New York hotel is willing to feed your curious mind. The Renaissance New York Hotel 57 recently renovated its suites to look like a typical Manhattan luxury home, and the results would make even a Hilton sister proud.

The Renaissance New York Hotel 57, a Marriott boutique hotel, redesigned its carriage house suites to resemble the “ambiance of a private New York City residence.” Make no mistake: you won’t find shower curtains separating a 300-square-foot room into two bedrooms, or a kitchen table that pulls out from the wall. These newly designed “carriage houses” are meant to give guests a glimpse of what living on Lexington Avenue must be like.

The carriage house suites are located on floors 4 and 5 of the hotel, with hardwood floors throughout, wooden shutters for plenty of natural light, plush bedding and marble-tiled bath and walk-in shower. The ‘homes’ look out on the southwest corner of East 57th Street and Lexington Avenue.

Located near some of New York’s best art galleries, you can walk out of your “house”, grab your cup of coffee and mosey your way into the latest exhibit on the East Side.
A far cry from today’s speckled NYC apartments, but a beautiful glimpse of what living the high life must be like in Manhattan.