Daily Pampering: Surrender to Spa Montage

Spend four days at Spa Montage, and you’ll never look at the world the same way. The Montage Laguna Beach is offering a series of decadent spa treatments that start on Sundays and end on Thursdays in this resort perched atop a coastal bluff. Occupy one of the resort’s 250 rooms and prepare to be revitalized in its 20,000 square-foot spa.

The all-inclusive spa package begins with conversation about the concerns and issues you have from diet to lifestyle, which will be used to identify the treatments that will benefit you most. Massage treatments are woven into group fitness classes, personal life coaching and meals at culinary destination Studio. If you want to master what happens in the kitchen, you’ll have unlimited access to classes with The Loft’s Chef de Cuisine Brian Black, who has a unique approach to fusing comfort foods and spa menus.

If you need a long break — during which your body is the center of attention — this is it. Spa Montage is the solution to all the stress that ails you.

Get your daily dose of pampering right here.