Alone or not, Kimpton brings deals to NYC for Valentine’s Day

Kimpton’s offering you two ways to spend Valentine’s Day in Manhattan this year: one if you’re inclined to recognize the holiday, the other if you’re flying solo. Let’s face it; Valentine’s day isn’t designed to appeal to everyone, and the single folks shouldn’t get screwed just because the only way they could get a “date” that night involves several appearances by Benjamin Franklin.

If you’re interested in a more traditional Valentine’s Day getaway, take a look at the “Sweet Savings” deal at Kimpton’s 70 park avenue hotel. For rates starting at a mere $179, you’ll get not only a great room in Manhattan, you’ll pick up a complimentary dessert for you and your guest at silver leaf tavern.

Now, this doesn’t do much for you if you’re alone, unless you really like two desserts. Fortunately, there’s the “Cupid Is Stupid” deal at Kimpton’s The Muse New York. For a rate of $239, you’ll get two free cocktails at NIOS restaurant and a complimentary in-room movie.

So, how do you make this work? Use one of those cocktails to chat up a lonely hottie — she’s hanging out in a hotel bar, it shouldn’t take much more than this. Then, invite her up to your room to enjoy the free movie with you. Choose your movie wisely.

Both deals are open for the entire month of February. The booking code for “Cupid Is Stupid” is PCPL, and the code for “Sweet Savings” is PSSP.