Richard Branson’s new toy: A submarine with twist

Some people hop in the water with a rubber duckie or scuba mask, Sir Richard Branson goes down under in a submarine.

Virgin’s founder and self-made billionaire Branson already owns an international airline company, record label, mobile phone company, a few Caribbean islands and toys that would make James Bond jealous, and now he’s adding one more piece of fun to his flare: the Necker Nymph.

The UK’s Daily Mail reports this submarine-turned-plane can “dive to depths of up to 130-feet,” and is being rented out to the lucky guests who are visiting Branson’s private home on Necker Island. The Nymph has enough room for one pilot and two guests. Before you hop in the tube, though, guests must undergo scuba training and few safety trainings. Once you’ve passed your required courses, get ready for a scene.

If you’ve never been underwater in the British Virgin Islands, here are a few things you can expect to see on your way to Necker:

  • Centuries-old shipwrecks, including those captained by Blackbeard himself
  • Schools of fish, surrounded by mile-long reefs and coral
  • Dolphins and whales, depending on the time of year you travel
  • Underwater caves and spectacular rock formations

The Nymph comes at a price. You can rent this wild ride for $25,000 a week, but only after you’ve shelled out the minimum £55,000 (approximately $88,000) for seven nights on the luxury catamaran, the Necker Belle. Of course, all this can be yours only after you rent out a private stay at Necker Island (prices vary, but start at around $50,000).

Side note: I was privileged to set foot on Necker Island and I can assure you the price is worth the journey.