Secret tunnel in Dubai a big surprise to drivers

A new underground tunnel has opened in Dubai that will save drivers tons of time through one of the busiest sections of the city during rush hour, but no one seems to know where it came from, or when it was completed, including the agency responsible for road construction.

According to this story from, the new tunnel runs 1.1 kilometers in length, linking the Downtown Burj Khalifa area to Al Mafraq Road, allowing drivers to bypass the extremely heavy traffic that runs to the nearby Dubai Mall. But major cities open new roads and bypasses all the time. What makes this one so unique, is that it appears to have been completed, and opened, without anyone at the Roads and Transport Authority knowing about it. In fact, an official from the RTA said, “We may have announced this already, but I’m not aware of it,” adding, “It sounds like it will save drivers a lot of time.”That same official admitted to having no idea when the tunnel actually opened to traffic.

According to the story, the massive four-lane tunnel with a concrete divider running down the middle, has no street signs or name plates of any kind. The unmarked road also remains mostly empty at this time, as it seems that drivers have yet to discover the entrance, giving those that do know of its existence an unfair advantage in the race to and from work each day.

Obviously we’ve all seen how much construction has been going on in Dubai over the past decade. You know you have a lot of construction underway when a major project like an underground tunnel, such as this one, can be built to completion, opened to the public, and completely escape the notice of the agency that ordered that it be built. Crazy!