Successful travel blogger offers extensive course in making your own blog profitable

About to take a trip and hope to make a little cashola off your travel blog? Head over to Travel Blog Success (being launched today!), a website offering in-depth instruction on how to make your blog profitable.

Travel Blog Success was created by David Lee, the founder of In advance of a 20-month, 22-country round-the-world trip, Lee started and maintained GoBackpacking, which was successful enough to now warrant roughly ten employees.

And now Lee has created Travel Blog Success, a website that intends to help writers “build a better travel blog.”

The extremely thorough site not only offers podcasts, a forum, and its own blog, but also a 12-lesson course covering every aspect of travel blogging. Lessons range from design, content, and SEO to photography, video blogging, and both beginning and advanced methods for making money. There’s even one lesson on the realities of blogging on the road.

The service isn’t free, but for anyone who is new to blogging and serious about making money from it, the fees are probably a decent investment. A one-time $75 payment gets you immediate access to everything, or you can choose to pay $29/month for three months.