Buying a $27,100 suitcase, or not

Would you buy a $27,100 suitcase? Apparently neither would CNN’s Bob Greene.

In his hilarious column, Greene spots the offending suitcase on the cover of a magazine. He thinks it’s a joke but is stunned when he goes to the source to learn more. The culprit of this frivolity? Hèrmes, which also makes diamond-encrusted luggage for a mere $200,000. In this case, the Hector bag is part of the men’s line for only $27,100.

The best part is when Greene asks a store clerk if the bag ever gets damaged in transit. The clerk responds, “Some people buy metal suitcases in which to enclose their suitcases. They buy suitcases for their suitcases.”

When it comes to baggage handlers, I’m thinking maybe all suitcases are created equal–unless you’re on a private jet.