10 ‘great’ surf wipeouts

From sandy beaches to indoor water parks, surfing is a popular sport worldwide. Needless to say, funny surf wipeouts are just as popular… and oftentimes far more amusing!

See below for some of the best surfing wipeouts anywhere. And remember: if you’re visiting the beach this summer, maybe you should take some surfing lessons before you wax your board. Just saying.

This poor guy is cut down hard and fast by a small but painful wave.

Wave: 1. Windsurfer: 0.

This is why you shouldn’t try to windsurf a big wave. On second thought, maybe it should be… Wave: 100. Windsurfer: 0.

Talk about some major air! This surfer literally “explodes” onto the surfing scene. (See what we did there?)

Not only does the surfer get thrown from his board but it appears as if he may get whacked with it as well! Watch it in slow-mo and decide for yourself.

He shoulda worn a face mask, I guess.

Never get too cocky about skills: it could be you bouncing off the water, on your face, in this video.

Riding the top of the wave, a surfer is tossed from his board into one unforgiving wave.

This enormous wave engulfs several surfers — board and all!

This surfer drops off his board and almost takes out another surfer during his free fall!

Be glad you’re not the guy running this surf ride! On the other hand, I’m pretty sure the dad in this video defies the laws of physics on several occasions.

And finally, check out this roundup of surf wipeouts, including one that caused a horrible neck injury.