Dubai’s Burj unexpectedly closed to the public

The world’s tallest building has abruptly closed to the public after only a month of being open to the public. Apparently, electric problems are partially to blame for the closure of the Dubai’s Burj, which undoubtedly leaves many disappointed tourists looking up at the tower, instead of down from the half-mile high observation deck.

The closure of the Burj Khalifa’s (the new name appointed to the tower) viewing platform is only one part of the problem, though. The Burj was preparing to welcome permanent guests and hotel guests over the next few months, and many wonder if plans will go through as predicted.

The Associated Press reports an indefinite closure, which started Sunday. Dubai had high hopes for this spire-structure. The Burj Khalifa was slated to be a major tourist draw for Dubai, helping to increase tourist dollars to the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai opened the 160-story skyscraper on Jan. 4. The first of 12,000 residential and office space tenants were scheduled to move in later this month.
Work was still underway on the tower’s Giorgio Armani-designed hotel and adjacent shopping center. The observation deck – and the tower’s main draw – is located on the 124th floor. Tickets bought in advance cost around $27. Unfortunately, those travelers who pre-paid for tickets will now be standing in line for a refund.