Kimpton’s cocktail hour features wines with a conscience

Kimpton Hotels is always looking for ways to spice up the party. From the leopard print robes and funky pj’s that hang in their closets, the Kimpton brand is known for its saucy elegance that graces the rooms. To help set the mood, Kimpton also hosts nightly wine hours in the lobby of their hotels (all things point to a happy traveler so far) but the newest addition to Kimpton’s wine hour comes with morals: Starting this month, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants will introduce their “Wines That Care” selection.

Yes, the wine is still free for guests who want to kick back in the lobby with a glass of red or white, but now every sip goes to a good cause. Kimpton will feature a different winery each month that has commitment to environmental preservation and sustainability including:

Barefoot Wine (Modesto, CA): Each year more than 25,000 beaches in the U.S. are closed or posted as unhealthy. To remedy this, Barefoot Wine and Surfrider Foundation encourage local residents to volunteer at cleanup and restoration events across the country to help make these beaches “barefoot-friendly.”

Hayes Ranch by Wente Vineyards (Livermore, CA): This 127-year old winery features a progressive Farming for the Future program that enhances the vitality of the soils, creates a balanced, sustainable ecology, minimizes water use and reduces non-organic wastes.

Banrock Station (Australia): Named one of the world’s most powerful wine brands in the annual “Power 100” list of the world’s top wine and spirits brands, this company was recognized for its extensive commitment to global conservation with generous contributions to 60 projects worldwide including the preservation of native ducks in New Zealand, Flamingos in Kenya and the re-introduction of otters in Holland.

Walnut Crest/Emiliana Vineyards (Chile): As the number one seller of bottled wine in Chile, this winery was the first to earn the International Standard Organization 14.001 certification, which acknowledges the vineyard’s high production standards and constant concern for the environment.

Bottoms up!