‘Jersey Shore’ seeks out hotels for next season in Miami

Rumor has it MTV is moving its popular and controversial show “Jersey Shore” to Miami for its second season, but where will the show put its castmates?

According to the Miami Herald, MTV producers are scoping out hotels in South Beach instead of renting a beach house, a la Jersey Shore, season one. But where does one put “The Situation” and “Pauly D”? What hotel says “Snookie”? I’m actually not sure how to approach this…

So far, many Miami hotels including the Ritz-Carlton and the Four Seasons have rejected the invite to host the castmates. But, others aren’t turning away these raucous guests. The Herald claims The Clevelander, an Ocean Drive hotel that bolts down its beds to accommodate partying guests, and the South Beach Hotel Group, which is known among the party crowd as a ‘crash pad hotel’ wouldn’t mind the Jersey Shore affiliation. And why would they? If the beds are bolted down and the crash pads are stable, why not throw a party worthy of an MTV reality show.

Word to the wise from this hotel reviewer: Claiming your hotel was the spot for season two of the Jersey Shore debacle might not bode well for future reservations. Then again, I’ve never slept in a room where the bed was bolted to the ground.

[via The Miami Herald]