A new way to find a spa in New York

When you go to a resort, the spa decision is pretty easy to make. The resort is the main draw, so you just go with the spa that’s on property. If your trip involves a major city, though, you’d be nuts not to spread around your experiences a bit. Mix up your hotel, restaurants and spa choices: one-stop shopping isn’t always your best bet. So, I was thrilled to hear about SpaDealsNYC.com, which celebrated its official launch last week. In addition to finding the best spa for your tight muscles and weary spirit, you’ll score some great deals, too – no need to break the bank when you’re looking for a bit of relaxation.

SpaDealsNYC.com is the creation of Richard Cacace, owner of Body Beautiful Spa & Laser Center in the East Village. He wanted to give consumers a new way to find the right treatments and spas … and pick up a few discounts along the way. He says, “Given the situation with the economy and prioritizing how people spend their hard earned money, this site will be a way for people to receive a beauty service that they may have always gotten, but now forgo, due to financial reasons. It allows them to get that service again for a great discount.”