Las Vegas airport wants you to start getting boozed up at the baggage claim liquor store

McCarran airport in Las Vegas is like most other airports in the nation – they are hurting quite badly. Visitor numbers are down, ad revenues are down, and because you can no longer smoke in their airport, even gambling revenues are down.

But what do you do as the main airport for Sin City? Well, you come up with innovative ways to make more money. And what could be more appropriate for Las Vegas than a baggage claim liquor store?

According to airport officials, visitors to Vegas often have their cab or limo driver stop at a local liquor store anyway, so why not make access to booze even easier?

One county commissioner is not too thrilled about the concept, and had the following to say:

“What’s next? Airport strip clubs? Topless bars? Is that appropriate for county property? I mean, that’s ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking, too.”

Well, yeah – those would probably do quite well at the airport. In fact, add some tables and hotel rooms and people won’t even need to leave the terminal building.

The planned liquor store is still in its early stages, but the airport has already determined that the store would be legal. So, next time you are in Vegas, you may be able to grab your bags and a couple of cases of beer.


(Image credit: Getty)