Peace message painted on Kansas hotel

Can you call it vandalism if the words are promoting peace? Technically, yes, which is what the Oread Hotel is doing after waking up to a spray-painted peace message on the front of the hotel.

The hotel, which is next to the University of Kansas campus, isn’t even open yet but owners are working feverishly to remove the message in time to open the doors next week.

According to Kansas City News, vandals painted “shout peace” in large block letters over a blue background on the front of the hotel.

“Vandalizing is bad, any way you look at it,” one KU student said. “There are other ways to get your message out.”

Apparently, however, the hotel’s opening isn’t generating a lot of excitement – seems the hotel stands in the same place a local bar and Yellow Submarine sandwich shop once stood, both fixtures of any campus life.