Daily Pampering: Recapture cigar luxury while you’re on the road

For cigar smokers, just getting on a plane is a complicated affair. You may have to fly sans cutter or torch, depending on the airport (the rules don’t seem to be enforced consistently), which has a direct effect on how you enjoy your sticks when you’re traveling. If you insist on using your Xikar cutter and S.T. Dupont lighter regardless of where you find yourself, the safe move is to check your luggage – which comes with its own set of inconveniences. So, if you value speed over devices but don’t want to be denuded of an upscale cigar smoking experience, it’s time to buy an unusual, limited edition accessory from Davidoff.

The Davidoff cigar band is exactly what you’d expect from a company known for cigar-related luxury. The device consists of leather straps and a gold-gilt, textured Davidoff logo. Fasten this accessory to the cigar, and you elevate the experience immediately … while sending a clear message to the other inhabitants of the cigar lounge in which you light up. You have committed to a level of conspicuous consumption that few can attain.

Since only 20 of these bands were made, the odds of running into someone else who has one are rare, even if you are smoking with a crowd that has means similar to yours. As a result, you’ll be the envy of the lounge.

It’s hard to cope with not having the equipment that helps define the experience you have come to enjoy. The Davidoff cigar band, however, can take some of the sting out of the inconvenience of today’s carry-on restrictions.

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