New Vienna Beef iPhone app helps you find and make the best Chicago-style Hot Dog

Everyone knows a Chicago-style Hot Dog is the best dog in the world, right?

Well, fans of this culinary delight will be happy to learn that the iPhone can help them find the closest Vienna Beef hot dog location. The app itself is free, and is surprisingly well made.

Inside the app, there is a location finder, Vienna Beef history, a photo of the perfect way to make an authentic Chicago-style dog and links to the Vienna Beef website, Twitter page and Facebook page. But the most important feature is probably the ketchup violation button.

See, Vienna Beef is pretty strict about prohibiting the application of ketchup on their dogs (an exception is made for kids under 12). If you come across a violation, you can email the Vienna Beef ketchup police directly from your iPhone.

Our very own Tom Johansmeyer is a bit of a hot dog connoisseur, so check his past posts on hot dogs from around the world!

Vienna Beef iTunes app store link.