Take a “surprise yourself” road trip – Road trip tip

Want to take a road trip to no where in particular that’s different and exciting for the adventurer in you? Here’s how to organize a “surprise yourself” road trip.

  1. Decide on the number of miles you will drive farthest.
  2. Collect two small bags and some post-it notes.
  3. On some of the post-it notes, write one direction on each note (i.e., north, south, east, west) and place notes in one of the bags.
  4. On some other post-it notes, write one length of journey for each note (i.e., 5 miles; 10 miles; 18 miles) and place notes in the other bag.
  5. Draw a post-it note for the first driving direction.
  6. Draw a post-it note for the first length of journey.
  7. Drive.
  8. When you reach the terminus of this leg, draw another direction and length of journey, and at the first safe road, turn in that direction and drive for the number of miles indicated.
  9. Continue on your journey to the outer radius.
  10. Explore. Don’t forget your camera, and perhaps a small packed snack.

Remember to enjoy the places, people, scenery and adventures along the way.