Yet another video from Dave Carroll of United Breaks Guitars, Chris Elliotts excellent travel blog, posted the third United Airline’s bashing video from Dave Carroll, the man behind United Breaks Guitars. That’s right, a third song and video. Did you even know that there had been a second? Look, we get it, United broke this dude’s guitar. And the airline has a pretty dodgy customer service record. Most American legacy carriers do. And people love ripping on airlines, the TSA, airports, airplanes, airplane food, rolling luggage, the weather and virtually anything else that you can think of that may or may not be travel related. There are a lot of easy (and often deserving) targets for scorn, mockery and bitterness out there. But at what point does a campaign become less about the cause and more about shameless self-promotion?

Dave Carroll may have wandered away from advocacy and towards fame-grabbing somewhere along the way. His second video garnered nearly 1/8 the viewers of the original. Could he be desperate to remain in the limelight? You probably didn’t even know who Dave Carroll was until you read the first sentence of this post. We know the song but not the person. Why? Probably because we don’t care that much.

So, while his songs are catchy and his message is still accurate, we’re left wondering what the endgame is here. United has responded to both of his previous videos. So, at this point, it all seems kind of selfish. But maybe we’re just cynical.

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