Tennessee wants to tax complimentary hotel breakfast

Just how important is breakfast? Nutritionists say it’s the most important meal of the day – the Tennessee government says breakfast is the most revenue-generating meal of the day. Seems some local politicians are looking to tax the free breakfasts offered to guests get at Tennessee hotels.

New tax legislation currently in committee in Tennessee proposes a tax on the complimentary breakfast served at most hotels in the state. The rationale? Those in favor of the bill say it could raise as much as 2 million dollars in revenues. However, officials are quick to point out the new tax wouldn’t necessarily impact the hotel guest. The tax would be paid for by the hotel, unless the hotel decides to pass on the cost to their customers.

What are the chances the bill becomes reality? We’ll wait and see, and in the meantime we suggest you stock up on the free rolls and danishes.%Gallery-73514%


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