Circling the globe with zero emissions

Sustainable travel has been a focus for many over the past decade, with travelers searching for ways to reduce their carbon footprint while still feeding their wanderlust. 23-year old Brit Kevin Shannon seems to have discovered a way to see the world, while still protecting the planet’s environments. On Wednesday of this past week, the adventurous traveler set out to circumnavigate the globe, using only human and natural power.

Kevin has dubbed his zero emissions journey as the Because It Is There Expedition in honor of his his hero George Mallory, who was once asked why he would want to climb Mt. Everest. The mountain was unclimbed at that time, and Mallory famously responded by giving the most well known quote in mountaineering history, “because it is there”.

Over the course of the next three years, Kevin will be peddling his bike across six continents, covering 40,000 miles in the process, and sailing across both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, adding another 10,000 aquatic miles to the trip. The journey began in the U.K., and will extend across Europe and Asia, before turning south to Australia. After hugging the Australian coastline, Shannon will board a ship and sail to South America, where he’ll return to the bike and turn north. The Route will take him through Central America, Mexico, and eventually into the United States, where he’ll ride coast-to-coast, before he boards a ship once again, to sail to North Africa, where he’ll get on his bike one last time, and make the return trip back to the U.K.

While the journey will be its own reward of course, Kevin isn’t making the trip for the adventure alone. He’s also hoping to raise £1 million for the Combat Stress organization, a U.K. based charity group that is working with veterans who have suffered severe traumatic experiences while in the service of their country. A noble effort, and one that is necessary now more than ever it seems.

To follow Kevin’s environmentally responsible journey, check out his Twitter feed at @Kev_Shannon. He’s just getting underway, and the adventure is just beginning.