Daily Pampering: Indulge in an ancient inner peace therapy

At the blissfully tranquil Miami oasis Pritikin Longevity Center and Spa, there are many unique spa treatments designed to bring harmony and quiet to your chaotic, crazy life.

This Monday, I’m so tired that my hair hurts. Consequently, I’m completely enchanted by the Shirodhara treatment, which is based on ancient principles for restoring inner peace (and makes your head feel awesome, and encourages hair growth):

“An ancient therapy used for centuries to restore an inner calm and balance to the emotions and to rejuvenate the hair and scalp. Shirodhara begins with a gentle stream of warm oil onto the third eye to quiet the mind and soothe the senses. The oil is then massaged into hair and scalp and followed by an herbal treatment to nourish hair roots and condition the scalp.

Um … yes, please. The 50 minute treatment is a steal at $130. I suggest you don’t try pouring warm oil on your face at home — you can stay at the Pritkin Longevity Center and Spa, with its huge fitness center, saltwater pool, cooking school, medical center and “experiential showers” for one week at rates starting from $4,500.

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