Daily Pampering: Carmenere wine bath in Chile

This dose of pampering is not to be taken lightly. It can, however, produce some very intoxicating results.

Carmenere, one of Chile‘s finest grapes, is not only delicious to drink but it’s full of antioxidants that are beneficial to your health (in moderation). So, how do you consume the grape and reap the benefits? The Ritz-Carlton, Santiago, found a way to make a good thing even better.

The Ritz-Carlton, Santiago mixed with mineral water and oats with Camenere wine to produce a luxurious Carmenere Wine Bath. You’ll be surrounded by candles and offered a glass of Chile’s finest wine as you literally submerge yourself in a pink, frothy concoction. The results? Smoother, softer skin (and you’ll likely feel a bit more relaxed after that glass of wine, too).

The ultimate in Chilean pampering is put together by the Bath Butler, who arrives in your guestroom to prepare the Carmenere bath at your request.

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