Detroit TSA agent moonlighting as armed fast food robber

A Detroit TSA agent has been arrested on suspicion of involvement in at least four robberies of local fast food restaurants. The men were caught on camera robbing a McDonalds where they used a brick to smash the windows and rob the staff. The camera footage shows the men using the same blue gloves as used by TSA staff at airport checkpoints.

The gang was made up of three men – but the TSA is most interested in Quantrez Sawyer as they are the ones that employ him to guard Detroit Metropolitan Airport. The arrest is just another embarrassment for the TSA who seem to have a pretty bad track record. In the past, TSA workers have been arrested on suspicion of luggage theft, theft of an HBO production camera and even possession of child porn.

The three are each being held on a $1 million bond, and if convicted, they may end up spending life sentences in jail.