Major airlines commit to keeping carry-on luggage fee free – will not follow Spirit Airlines

In a funny twist to the Spirit Airlines carry-on bag fee situation, Senator Charles Schumer has managed to get five major airlines to agree that they will not follow suit.

American, Delta, JetBlue, United and US Air have all confirmed that they will not go the route Spirit Airlines took, and that they will keep carry-on baggage free. The commitment comes as Senator Schumer works to talk Spirit Airlines out of their plan which will go into effect on August 1st.

In the past, many fee generating measures quickly spread to other airlines, so it was not completely unthinkable that the measure could become an industry standard.

In our own survey, 93.2% of Gadling readers said they think the carry-on bag fee is a bad idea.

While I agree that government getting involved in the private world of air travel is a dangerous precedent – I applaud their intervention in this case – the government regulates the skies and has the right to put measures in place to protect consumers.

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