Six Flags Great Escape to hold two-hour Sasquatch Ride-a-Thon

How strong is your stomach? That’s the question the folks at Six Flags The Great Escape seem to be asking with their special event this weekend, the Sasquatch “Beat the Beast” Ride-a-Thon.

The theme park in Lake George, New York, is promising a PlayStation 3 to the person who rides Sasquatch the most between 9 and 11 a.m. on Saturday, May 22.

You can register for the Sasquatch Ride-a-Thon on The Great Escape’s Facebook page or at the park’s main entrance on Saturday morning.

If more than a dozen people take the challenge, a lottery will determine the event’s 12 contestants.

The Great Escape says that those not chosen for the contest will still be granted early ride time on Sasquatch before the park opens for the day. And early risers will get a discount on admission Saturday, as well: Passes to the park will be sold for $19.99 until 9 a.m.

Sasquatch is a drop ride that shoots you up twin 19-story towers in 3 seconds, then drops you down the tower in a series of bounces. The ride debuted at The Great Escape in May 2009, after being relocated from the now-defunct Six Flags New Orleans.