Five tips on how to travel with “pleasure products” from Jimmyjane

Yeah – you can stop giggling. We already know that 42% of you don’t mind traveling with your favorite sex toy, and who are we to judge?

“Design centric brand” Jimmyjane knows a thing or two about sex toys – so they used their experience with the products to put together a list of tips on how to carry them through the airport checkpoint.

Some of them are no-brainers (remove the batteries), others are things I would not have known (buy a toy with a lock button). Of course, the list does point out several Jimmyjane products you may want to check out, but this is a classy brand – their toys are even on sale at select W Hotels, The Delano hotel in Miami and The Metropolitan in London.

And yes – a quick Google search does show that people travel with their toys, and that plenty of them have had “issues” at the checkpoint. At least those people can travel with the knowledge that they helped brighten the day of the security screener.