Spirit Airlines strike continues – 600 flight attendants furloughed

The two day strike at Spirit Airlines turned into a three day strike, and then into a five day strike. And with no end in sight, the airline just sent its 600 flight attendants some bad news – they are all furloughed.

The move means these staff members will be without a pay check until the 500 Spirit Airlines pilots reach an agreement on their new contract.

The pilots are currently talking with the airline at an “undisclosed location”, but it is pretty clear that the airline is ready to play hardball. It also makes the pilots look like the bad guys, even though they are just trying to fight for what they (claim they) deserve.

The airline has been on strike since June 11, and is most likely losing millions – they usually carry 10,000 passengers a day, and without that revenue, it’ll take quite some time to catch up. The current talks involve the airline, the pilots union and the National Mediation Board.

[Image from Getty Images]